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Vandenack Weaver Truhlsen - Legal Visionaries

Nov 16, 2021

It’s mid-November and the new tax proposals are still up in the air.  What should practitioners and tax payers do to protect assets, plan estates and minimize taxes in this unknown environment?  This is the topic we tackle on this episode of Legal Visionaries when host Mary Vandenack, Founder and Managing Partner at Vandenack Weaver talks to well-known estate and tax planning legal experts, Marty Shenkman and Jonathan Blattmachr.  How may new legislation affect Grantor Trusts?  Will new laws be retroactive?  Should clients use their tax exemption, or part of it, before the end of the year and how will the IRS view this?  Will a solid estate plan take care of the issues and do you have to address everything now?  What about charitable giving in 2021?  Tune in to learn what you should do right now to protect yourself no matter what happens in Washington. 

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